Bismillah Hir-Rahman Nir-Raheem

“Our purpose is to work closely with passionate professionals dedicated towards enhancing, enriching and empowering pilgrims and Hajj & Umrah Group Organisers and facilitators, across social, commerical and educational dimensions, collectively achieveing our full potential in serving our community”

Mohsin Tutla - Chairman of the World Hajj & Umrah Convention 2018

Vision Haramain - The Complete Experience

In just over 30 days’ time, the 5th World Hajj & Umrah Convention will be taking place at the award-winning venue: The Crystal, Royal Victoria Docks, London.

The two-day programme is designed to provide solutions for challenges that emerge with growth as well as providing opportunities for personal and commercial development. The programme will include discussions on Saudi Vision 2030 Haramain Focus, which has more than 100 enrichment initiatives, and from which we can all benefit.




1 Enriching the Community

2 Empowering the Pilgrim

3 Enhancing the Exprience

Our success at the World Hajj and Umrah Convention is measured by the experiences, ideas and initiatives shared by our attendees, whice are converted into practical solutions for a growing industry.

With unprecedented growth expected over the next few years and a projected tripling of visitors to Makkah and Madinah, a change in regulations, processes and services as well as increases in structural developments will be required.

This fast-paced progress will certainly tire businesses, unable to keep up-to-date with the continuous changes of an evolving business and working environment, and the ability to adapt to them.

As part of the WHUC fellowship programme, we will assist our affiliates in keeping up-to-date through our conferences, forums, exhibitions, networking platforms, research and reports as well as social media connections.

The WHUC platform is committed to dig deep and extract the special insights that will help the industry progress into the future. WHUC aims to cultivate a proactive community of Hajj & Umrah professionals that are ready and prepared to embrace and flourish under the Vision 2030 Haramain Focus.

This year the Hajj & Umrah Convention shall present to you the future of the Hajj and Umrah industry, and the solutions to help keep our participants optimistic, equipped and better-informed.

The Crystal, Royal Victoria Docks (Award Winning Venue by Seimens)

The Platform For Hajj & Umrah Decision Makers

WHUC Awards Ceremony & Conference


Informative presentations brought to you by passionate Hajj & Umrah proessionals and solution providers


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WHUC Awards

The Global Awards in Hajj and Umrah that recognises your achievements and standards of excellence

Surveying Opinions

Understanding the collective viewpoints live at the WHUC, with our selected questions based on your feedback and topics important to our delegates


Attend various classroom and round-table sessions. A special focus on Hajj, Umrah, Ziyaarah, Tourism


Relax with WHUC and the Hajj and Umrah fraternity for informal evening in London


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